Getting To Know What We Do

Celebrating Family, Friends, Fashion & Fun!


Thank you for your interest in Avaeli Couture Jewelry Designs! 


Our mission with Avaeli Couture is to provide consumers/hostesses/guests with the largest selection of jewelry available on our website and at our home shows.  Our website features a .925 Sterling Silver and silver plated jewelry,  including precious and semi-precious stones, all hand made from all over the world.  Our jewelry is the “real deal”.   All of the sterling silver and silver plated jewelry are unique pieces that find and bring to you!  Above and beyond this, we offer a gorgeous collection of HAND STAMPED PERSONALIZED JEWELRY, which is what we are known for.  The hand stamped collection is designed and made by the owner, Jennifer Woodall.  You are truly getting a piece of work when you purchase a piece of our jewelry!  Because our website is jam packed with jewelry, we also wanted to make sure that we have a great price range as well.  There is a price for everyone in our website.  

We hope that you find many pieces that you love in all of our collections of jewelry.  Our main focus is to do home showings so that we can get our jewelry seen.  The only way you can purchase our jewelry is by attending/hosting a home-showing or by placing an order via our website. 


Our motto is:  Celebrating Family, Friends, Fashion & Fun!


Hope to do business with you soon!


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